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Newtown Ct. 06470| Phone: 203-648-7889| Fax: 203-270-6950

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We are a full-service Roofing & Sheetmetal contractor with 33 years of Experience that can provide Quality Installations & Service to Residential, Industrial, and Commercial clients in Connecticut.

We Install all types of Single Ply, Built Up, Slate, Tile, Cold Adhesives, Shingles, Copper and Sheet-metal Roofing also Green Roofing Systems,Waterproofing on foundations and plaza/patio roof areas 

Our services include:
    • 24 hour 7 days a week Emergency Leak & Repair Service
    • Yearly Preventive Maintenance and Repairs
    • Copper,Tile,Wood and Slate Roofs
    • Residential Shingles,Siding,Windows and Gutters.
    • Commercial & Industrial Roofing installing All types of roofing systems available in the market. 
    • New and Complete Restoration of old Roofing.
    • Green Roofing on Plaza and Patio roof Areas.
    • Waterproofing on above and below grade foundations.
    • All types of Metal roof systems to meet your needs.
    • Carpentry work.
    • We provide FREE ESTIMATES...give us a call or fill out the form on the Request an Estimate page.

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Topshelf USA * Newtown* Ct* 06470Phone: (203) 648-7889 Fax: (203)270-6950

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